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Can a marathon credit be without marathon concentration?

In the previous part of the marathon philosophy, it became clear that marathon concentration is the most important thing in your marathon performance of the complete exploitation of resources. Not only that marathon concentration to prepare the body and mind for a marathon , it also cancels all other things except the marathon fear. Marathon fear saves plays an important role, even though the full marathon concentration may not completely eliminate the marathon fearing determination.

Marathon concentration marathon fearing determination deterrence based on the fact that the marathon concentration tends to increase the marathon credit, which in turn is a enemy of marathon fear. In other words, the more a person is a marathon credit, the less he or she is a marathon fearing determination. This can be expressed also in the order that the more a person is marathon fearing determination, the less he or she has a marathon credit.

Based on this marathon credit you might think, therefore, it helps the marathon performance in any case. This is not necessarily the case. First of all, if the marathon is based on a false foundation of credit, it is harmful to runner. That is the case for example, when a runner is preparing for a marathon without marathon concentration and thinks he's running a marathon just like that, for example, the short marathon training period ,or even without a marathon  training period. There are also situations where a runner thinks he is in marathon concentration, even though his actions have actually been anything, such as racing every weekend for several weeks before the marathon. Doing so may increase the marathon credit, but with marathon concentration it has nothing to do with.

Another case in which credit can be a marathon performance an adverse effect, it is indicated when there is too much marathon credit. A full marathon credit shall see a tendency to cause marathon arrogance, ie marathon humility loss. If you go to the marathon with 100 percent certainty that you run a fast time, the result is usually a marathon waterloo. This in turn is due to the fact that a full marathon credit tend to erode the marathon concentration. What key dial, this lavishly marathon credit may cause the disappearance of marathon concentration until it is too late.

A marathon credit is of course important preventing marathon fear, but credit must be suitable amounts, not too much. Perhaps the optimal level of marathon credit is 75 to 80 per cent. This is of course a controversial issue, and largely dependent on the individual. There is also a marathon scholars which believe that a marathon credit must be full best marathon performance to achieve, and the runner can never have too much of a marathon credit. In any case, the marathon credit may therefore be without marathon concentration, as the marathon credit may be based on dreaming , instead by a merciless brute marathon fact.


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