perjantai 11. huhtikuuta 2014

What is the marathon concentration?

Marathon concentration of your marathon performance as a full partner focusing on the tool can be divided into 1) physical and 2) mental marathon concentration. Physical marathon concentration means for training and competing solutions, such as at least a half-year training and competition program for the construction of a particular marathon , a special marathon and nothing more than a certain marathon in mind. Exercises primarily aimed at the development of the properties required of the marathon. In this case, for example, lower distance competitions is not aiming at in isolation, but only if they are done in preparation for the marathon. To do so they are good, but on the condition that they do not run around too much.

Mental marathon concentration in turn means mental attitude toward the marathon, in which case any of the other competitions as the marathon is not given thought in importance any kind of weight, even short distance races are a marathon preparation and nothing more. The marathon race is chosen because of a fast course or the status of the competition, and not, for example, cash prizes, or as cheap costs (of course, your financial situation into account) . It is also apparent mental marathon concentration  on their own performance in relation to a realistic marathon tactics in establishing and general marathon professionalism in which all things are done a marathon in mind as well as it can be.

It follows that if an athlete is in full marathon concentration, he or she may not be lower distance competitions fear determination, because they do not mean to him, other than marathon preparation. Marathon concentration having the athlete does not feel half marathon fearing determination, 10 000 meters, fearing determination, 5,000-meter -fearing orientation or championship track race sightedness, because his goal is a marathon, and not a half- marathon , 10 000 meters , 5000 meters , or national track championships. In other words, marathon concentration aside all the other things, except the marathon fear. And, more importantly, even if the marathon concentration does not necessarily guarantee a marathon orientation absence of fear, it is a full marathon concentration however, the second-best protection against the marathon fearing determination immediately after marathon happiness. The more perfect the marathon concentration, the lower the marathon fearing risk. Or the other way around, the lack of marathon concentration, the greater the risk of a marathon fear.