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Does the marathon happiness protect the runner eternally from the marathon disappointment?

It is clear that each marathon runners' target is to finish marathon race with the marathon happiness. It is equally clear that the marathon happiness is not possible without the marathon concentration, because the marathon concentration is necessary marathon success point of view and, in turn, is a prerequisite for the marathon happiness. However, even a full marathon concentration does not necessarily guarantee the marathon success and its derivative marathon happiness. It is also the case that the marathon success does not necessarily guarantee the marathon happiness. Marathon success and marathon happiness should not be confused with each other, since the marathon success is a clock quantum matter, the marathon happiness is above all an inner feeling. As a result, the marathon success does not belong to the next scale of the marathon feeling (note the runner's marathon feeling can also be a mixture of the two):

Marathon disappointment (did not finish, can not start, total breakdown)

Marathon dissatisfaction (somewhat under-recorded marathon, but not breakdown)

Marathon satisfaction (solid run, or even your own record )

Marathon happiness (marathon career climax, a certain " magic limit " to reach or running faster than you ever imagined would be able to)

The marathon happiness is an extremely rare feeling, and most of the marathon runner can never reach it in their lives. The marathon happiness should not be confused with the marathon satisfaction, which is a much more normal feeling after marathon than the marathon happiness. In addition, the marathon satisfaction is considerably milder feeling. A runner may be with the marathon satisfaction if he or she runs a basic result, or even own record, but runner still may not be with the marathon happiness.

The marathon happiness is determined with the main personal ultimate marathon goal. For some, it is an Olympic victory, some running below 2.20, some below 2.30 or some to break three-hour wall. Only after reaching such, the main ultimate goal in the marathon is a necessary but not always sufficient condition for the marathon happiness. Some are still failing to meet their marathon happiness, even if they reach their ultimate marathon goal. Why the achievement of the ultimate marathon goal not always produce the marathon happiness, is a mystery that is associated with the human marathon mind.

In any case, if a runner reaches the marathon happiness, it is such a strong feeling that a runner will never be able to feel marathon disappointment, because the marathon happiness gives an eternal protection against the marathon disappointment the rest of the life. It kind of build an impenetrable wall around a marathon runner, through which the marathon disappointment can not penetrate, even how badly the marathon would go. Such eternal protection could be compared with, for example, the impunity, in this case, the question is a marathon impunity.

On whether a person experienced marathon happiness, there is a simple test: if a person will never be marathon disappointed, even how badly he or she is running, he's been through the marathon happiness. There are many who wondered whether Haile Gebrselassie of Ethiopia was in the marathon happiness when he ran in 2007 for a long time chased marathon world record and improving it in 2008. The answer came a few years later in the New York Marathon, where Haile did not finish the race and was in the marathon disappointment after the race and announced the retirement of his career (which he later withdrew). This is 100 percent proof that even after making world record Haile was not in the marathon happiness, as if he had been in the marathon happiness after the world record, then he would not have been able to be marathon disappointed in New York. Sure, his marathon satisfaction with the marathon world record cannot deny.

Conditions of the marathon happiness are so severe that many of you probably wonder whether anyone ever really reach the marathon happiness? Had at least one case, when the undersigned was able to witness the marathon happiness. In this mode, there was the runner living in the Helsinki metropolitan area in the 2004 Berlin marathon. The marathon happiness, therefore is marathon runners to reach.


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