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Is the marathon disappointment napalm to the flame of marathon fear?

The marathon happiness is a state in which each and every marathoner seek, but the marathon disappointment is, in turn, the feeling that no one would ever want to experience. The marathon disappointment is, with its crushing force, completely different than, say, 800 meters disappointment, 5000 meters or 3000 meters steeplechase disappointment. This is due to the fact that a marathon can not be renewed each week, such as 800 meters, 5000 meters and 3000 meters steeples (though perhaps at the Olympic Games a shorter distances disappointment can be compared with the marathon disappointment). Marathon is completely different than the shorter distances, as in the full marathon concentration you can run a maximum two marathon in a year. If a runner runs more than two marathons within a year, he or she has not been able to prepare for them in the full marathon concentration. For example, three marathons a year, means only 75 percent of marathon concentration. Running marathons more frequently shed the marathon concentration degrees so quickly that, five marathons or more per year are running with no marathon concentration at all. Marathon collecting and marathon concentration has nothing to do with each other.

A devastating impact on the marathon disappointment based on the fact that marathon requires several months training and full marathon preparation, and each of the marathon is the uniqueness like no other. If a marathon then goes wrong, the marathon disappointment sweeps on like an avalanche. The are so many variables in marathon that even the full marathon concentration does not necessarily guarantee protection from the marathon disappointment. Of course, the full marathon concentration reduces the likelihood of marathon disappointment clearly.

The marathon disappointment is such a powerful feeling that it sucks temporarily will to live and may lead to self destructive behavior. In this case the temptation to jump in the metro track or the desire to cut wrists open is not uncommon. However, such feelings caused by the marathon disappointment usually go away in a few hours or a day, but the marathon disappointment may smoldering in the background causing difficulties later on to adapt to everyday life, experiencing a sneaking feel of defeat. Perhaps the best cure against the marathon disappointment is to start as soon as possible a new marathon concentration - especial mental marathon concentration - for the next marathon.

The marathon disappointment is also evil impact to feed the marathon fear. The more a runner has experienced marathon disappointment, the larger is the marathon fear. At worst, if a runner has experienced multiple series of marathon disappointment, it may cause of such a terrible fear that he or she is no longer capable to run marathons. The feeling of marathon disappointment could grow so big that a person's self-preservation instinct prevent for his own safety to run any more marathons. It is so that even the mentally strongest people can not stand multiple marathon disappointment in a row, although the resistance of marathon disappointment is unique, and you can not give universal limit of how much a human mind can take marathon disappointment before total breakdown.

Fortunately, however, the marathon success, causing, for example, the marathon satisfaction, that neutralizes the effect of the previous marathon disappointments in the sense that it removes the marathon fear. If a runner has suffered, for example, two marathon disappointments in a row, but then he succeeds in the next marathon, his marathon fearing orientation is much smaller. Thus, if a runner has multiple marathon disappointments behind, it is recommended for the next marathon to start safe, rather too low than too hard pace, that one could feel the marathon marathon satisfaction again. Then, in the next marathon, a runner can choose again to run at the full level of marathon risk, as in the previous marathon achieved the marathon satisfaction that reduced the marathon fear. And, as in the previous marathon philosophy section showed that the marathon happiness, in turn, lead to eternal protection against the marathon disappointment, thereby eliminating the marathon fear forever. After that you can run  every marathon marathon with a terrible risk, without the slightest fear of the marathon disappointment.


perjantai 18. huhtikuuta 2014

Does the marathon happiness protect the runner eternally from the marathon disappointment?

It is clear that each marathon runners' target is to finish marathon race with the marathon happiness. It is equally clear that the marathon happiness is not possible without the marathon concentration, because the marathon concentration is necessary marathon success point of view and, in turn, is a prerequisite for the marathon happiness. However, even a full marathon concentration does not necessarily guarantee the marathon success and its derivative marathon happiness. It is also the case that the marathon success does not necessarily guarantee the marathon happiness. Marathon success and marathon happiness should not be confused with each other, since the marathon success is a clock quantum matter, the marathon happiness is above all an inner feeling. As a result, the marathon success does not belong to the next scale of the marathon feeling (note the runner's marathon feeling can also be a mixture of the two):

Marathon disappointment (did not finish, can not start, total breakdown)

Marathon dissatisfaction (somewhat under-recorded marathon, but not breakdown)

Marathon satisfaction (solid run, or even your own record )

Marathon happiness (marathon career climax, a certain " magic limit " to reach or running faster than you ever imagined would be able to)

The marathon happiness is an extremely rare feeling, and most of the marathon runner can never reach it in their lives. The marathon happiness should not be confused with the marathon satisfaction, which is a much more normal feeling after marathon than the marathon happiness. In addition, the marathon satisfaction is considerably milder feeling. A runner may be with the marathon satisfaction if he or she runs a basic result, or even own record, but runner still may not be with the marathon happiness.

The marathon happiness is determined with the main personal ultimate marathon goal. For some, it is an Olympic victory, some running below 2.20, some below 2.30 or some to break three-hour wall. Only after reaching such, the main ultimate goal in the marathon is a necessary but not always sufficient condition for the marathon happiness. Some are still failing to meet their marathon happiness, even if they reach their ultimate marathon goal. Why the achievement of the ultimate marathon goal not always produce the marathon happiness, is a mystery that is associated with the human marathon mind.

In any case, if a runner reaches the marathon happiness, it is such a strong feeling that a runner will never be able to feel marathon disappointment, because the marathon happiness gives an eternal protection against the marathon disappointment the rest of the life. It kind of build an impenetrable wall around a marathon runner, through which the marathon disappointment can not penetrate, even how badly the marathon would go. Such eternal protection could be compared with, for example, the impunity, in this case, the question is a marathon impunity.

On whether a person experienced marathon happiness, there is a simple test: if a person will never be marathon disappointed, even how badly he or she is running, he's been through the marathon happiness. There are many who wondered whether Haile Gebrselassie of Ethiopia was in the marathon happiness when he ran in 2007 for a long time chased marathon world record and improving it in 2008. The answer came a few years later in the New York Marathon, where Haile did not finish the race and was in the marathon disappointment after the race and announced the retirement of his career (which he later withdrew). This is 100 percent proof that even after making world record Haile was not in the marathon happiness, as if he had been in the marathon happiness after the world record, then he would not have been able to be marathon disappointed in New York. Sure, his marathon satisfaction with the marathon world record cannot deny.

Conditions of the marathon happiness are so severe that many of you probably wonder whether anyone ever really reach the marathon happiness? Had at least one case, when the undersigned was able to witness the marathon happiness. In this mode, there was the runner living in the Helsinki metropolitan area in the 2004 Berlin marathon. The marathon happiness, therefore is marathon runners to reach.


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Can a marathon credit be without marathon concentration?

In the previous part of the marathon philosophy, it became clear that marathon concentration is the most important thing in your marathon performance of the complete exploitation of resources. Not only that marathon concentration to prepare the body and mind for a marathon , it also cancels all other things except the marathon fear. Marathon fear saves plays an important role, even though the full marathon concentration may not completely eliminate the marathon fearing determination.

Marathon concentration marathon fearing determination deterrence based on the fact that the marathon concentration tends to increase the marathon credit, which in turn is a enemy of marathon fear. In other words, the more a person is a marathon credit, the less he or she is a marathon fearing determination. This can be expressed also in the order that the more a person is marathon fearing determination, the less he or she has a marathon credit.

Based on this marathon credit you might think, therefore, it helps the marathon performance in any case. This is not necessarily the case. First of all, if the marathon is based on a false foundation of credit, it is harmful to runner. That is the case for example, when a runner is preparing for a marathon without marathon concentration and thinks he's running a marathon just like that, for example, the short marathon training period ,or even without a marathon  training period. There are also situations where a runner thinks he is in marathon concentration, even though his actions have actually been anything, such as racing every weekend for several weeks before the marathon. Doing so may increase the marathon credit, but with marathon concentration it has nothing to do with.

Another case in which credit can be a marathon performance an adverse effect, it is indicated when there is too much marathon credit. A full marathon credit shall see a tendency to cause marathon arrogance, ie marathon humility loss. If you go to the marathon with 100 percent certainty that you run a fast time, the result is usually a marathon waterloo. This in turn is due to the fact that a full marathon credit tend to erode the marathon concentration. What key dial, this lavishly marathon credit may cause the disappearance of marathon concentration until it is too late.

A marathon credit is of course important preventing marathon fear, but credit must be suitable amounts, not too much. Perhaps the optimal level of marathon credit is 75 to 80 per cent. This is of course a controversial issue, and largely dependent on the individual. There is also a marathon scholars which believe that a marathon credit must be full best marathon performance to achieve, and the runner can never have too much of a marathon credit. In any case, the marathon credit may therefore be without marathon concentration, as the marathon credit may be based on dreaming , instead by a merciless brute marathon fact.


perjantai 11. huhtikuuta 2014

What is the marathon concentration?

Marathon concentration of your marathon performance as a full partner focusing on the tool can be divided into 1) physical and 2) mental marathon concentration. Physical marathon concentration means for training and competing solutions, such as at least a half-year training and competition program for the construction of a particular marathon , a special marathon and nothing more than a certain marathon in mind. Exercises primarily aimed at the development of the properties required of the marathon. In this case, for example, lower distance competitions is not aiming at in isolation, but only if they are done in preparation for the marathon. To do so they are good, but on the condition that they do not run around too much.

Mental marathon concentration in turn means mental attitude toward the marathon, in which case any of the other competitions as the marathon is not given thought in importance any kind of weight, even short distance races are a marathon preparation and nothing more. The marathon race is chosen because of a fast course or the status of the competition, and not, for example, cash prizes, or as cheap costs (of course, your financial situation into account) . It is also apparent mental marathon concentration  on their own performance in relation to a realistic marathon tactics in establishing and general marathon professionalism in which all things are done a marathon in mind as well as it can be.

It follows that if an athlete is in full marathon concentration, he or she may not be lower distance competitions fear determination, because they do not mean to him, other than marathon preparation. Marathon concentration having the athlete does not feel half marathon fearing determination, 10 000 meters, fearing determination, 5,000-meter -fearing orientation or championship track race sightedness, because his goal is a marathon, and not a half- marathon , 10 000 meters , 5000 meters , or national track championships. In other words, marathon concentration aside all the other things, except the marathon fear. And, more importantly, even if the marathon concentration does not necessarily guarantee a marathon orientation absence of fear, it is a full marathon concentration however, the second-best protection against the marathon fearing determination immediately after marathon happiness. The more perfect the marathon concentration, the lower the marathon fearing risk. Or the other way around, the lack of marathon concentration, the greater the risk of a marathon fear.